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Impacts of Severe Weather

flooded house

Heavy rainfall can cause flooding. Hurricanes can also cause excessive rain by bringing ocean water onto the land.

clogged gutter

Heavy rain and snow can get caught in blocked gutters. The extra weight can pull the gutters right off a house! If the gutters are clogged, water can also enter the house and cause damage on the inside!

broken glass on a window

Falling hail can break windows. Strong winds caused by hurricanes and tornadoes can also break glass by blowing branches and lawn furniture into windows and doors.

hot sun beaming on a house

Homes that are unprotected against the sun's heat get very hot inside, especially during a heat wave. This can be uncomfortable and unhealthy for the people who live there.

fallen tree on a house

Hurricanes and tornadoes bring very strong winds that can topple trees and damage homes.

mobile home destroyed by tornado

Some tornadoes and hurricanes are so strong that they cause major damage to houses and even pick up mobile homes right off the ground!