Weatherproofing Homes

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Windows and doors are the weakest parts of a house. In a severe storm, covering them with wooden boards can protect them from breaking. If they do break, wind can get inside the house and lift the roof right off!

Image shows rain falling on a window.

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Gaps in your house can allow water and wind to get inside. Gaps can be sealed up with caulk.

Definition of caulk: A material used to fill gaps and cover seams that could let in air or water, usually around windows or doors.

Image shows caulk being applied to a window seal.

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During hurricanes, strong winds may blow trees and branches down, causing damage to homes. Removing dead trees and branches can help prevent this from happening.

Image shows two trees stumps, evidence that the trees were cut down.

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Sandbags are used during excessive rain to prevent water from entering a house.

Image shows sandbags protecting a home in a flooded area.

Definition of sandbags: Bags filled with sand or soil, which are used to keep water away from a home or other structure.

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Insulation helps your house stay warm in cold, snowy weather. It can also help your house stay cool in the heat.

Image shows a person installing insulation in the ceiling.

Definition of insulation: A material used to prevent the transfer of heat between the outside environment and a home or other structure.

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If you live in a mobile home, tie and anchor systems can secure your home to the ground and prevent it from blowing away in blizzard or hurricane-force winds. However, you should find another shelter if you know a hurricane is coming. The safest place to be during a hurricane is on the lowest floor of a sturdy building or storm shelter.

Image shows a mobile home.

Definition of tie and anchor system: Materials that work together to keep mobile homes in place on the ground during hurricane-force winds.

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Leaves and sticks can clog gutters and cause rain and snow to get stuck. If too much rainwater and snow piles up, water can flood your houseā€”or the gutters can pull right off! Unclogging gutters regularly can help to keep water from entering the house.

Image shows a clogged gutter on the roof of a house.

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Shades can block sunlight from entering your home and heating it up.

Image shows shades blocking sunlight from entering a kitchen.