Maryland Weather Timeline
Image shows an outline map of the state of Maryland. A timeline showing the years from 2002 through 2012 displays at the bottom of the screen. Clicking each year will reveal the following information:
Fourteen tornadoes struck Maryland in 2002, including one in La Plata that was among the strongest ever recorded in the state.
Maryland had lots of rain in 2003. It also experienced a major snowstorm that brought above-average amounts of snow across much of the state. The excessive precipitation contributed to widespread flooding, with four days above flood stage on the Potomac River that year.
Maryland experienced three hurricanes in 2004—Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. They brought flooding and tornadoes across the eastern part of the state.
Maryland typically gets at least a few tornadoes a year, but in 2005, there were none officially recorded in the state.
There were heat waves across all of North America in 2006, and Maryland was no exception. It experienced 6 heat waves that year.
In 2007, Maryland experienced 9 heat waves and 2 tornadoes.
2008 was a very active year for hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean—but fortunately, only one of them came to Maryland.
Maryland only had one major snowstorm in 2009. But it managed to dump a lot of snow—21 inches in some parts of the state.

2010 will be remembered for its extreme heat. It was one of the hottest years on record in Maryland, with 13 heat waves in total.
Historically, Maryland averages about 10 tornadoes per year. 2011 saw almost three times that many, with 27 hurricanes on record that year in Maryland.
Only one hurricane was recorded in 2012: Hurricane Sandy. But it was a big one, and it caused lots of damage.